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daily to 11.00am


Toast w/ butter and choice of strawberry jam, honey or vegemite (V)


Toasted Croissant w/ jam or honey


Fruit Toast w/ butter and choice of strawberry jam or honey (V)


Crunchy Granola w/ fresh berries, nuts, seeds, yoghurt (V)


Seasonal Fruit Salad w/ passionfruit glaze, berry yoghurt (V, GF)


Warm Toasted Croissant w/ shaved ham, melted cheddar cheese


Eggs on Toast w/ 2 eggs cooked to your liking, toast (V)


Breakfast Burger fried egg, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, hash brown, toasted bun


Eggs Florentine 2 poached eggs, English spinach, hollandaise on Turkish (V)


Spiced House Made Beans w/ 2 poached eggs, chorizo sausage, crisp kale, toasted sour dough


Hot Cakes w/ soft ricotta, butterscotch banana, Canadian maple syrup, candied macadamia nuts (V)


Eggs Benedict 2 poached eggs, hollandaise on Turkish w/ bacon or ham


Smashed Avocado w/ soft ricotta, honey, pistachio dukkha on Turkish (V)


Kuta Big Breakfast 2 eggs, bacon, grilled vine tomato, hash brown, pork chipolata on Turkish 20.90
Alternative breads available on request - gluten free, multigrain, Turkish and sour dough.
We are happy to accomodate any dietary requests


SIDES & ADD-ONS available with our breakfast dishes until 11.00am

Grilled Bacon (GF) 4.50 Smoked Leg Ham (GF) 3.50
Baked Mushrooms w/ garlic oil (V, GF) 3.50 Spiced Beans w/ chorizo 3.50
Hash Brown (V, GF) 2.50 2 Pork Chipolata Sausage (GF) 3.50
Avocado (V, GF) 4.50 Cold Smoked Salmon (GF) 5.00
1 Poached Egg (GF) 3.00 1 Fried Egg (GF) 3.00
Roast Vine Ripened Tomatoes 3.00    

[V] - Vegetarian  [GF] - Gluten Free

Note: Selections & prices subject to change